Welcome to the tastes of Europe

Welcome to the Tastes of Europe, a series of activities funded by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development, to promote European high quality food and beverage products.

Europe’s diverse mix of cultures, traditions and climates has given rise to a unique range of products which span across all the food groups. Farming is an integral part of the European countryside: about half of all land in the EU is farmed. Techniques can often be traced back over centuries, where methods have been handed down from generation to generation, ensuring that they remain of the highest quality. From meat to fruits and herbs to wine, there are thousands of products that the Tastes of Europe initiative is proud to call European.

The growing and harvesting of local ingredients is a source of pride and livelihood for farmers. Europe’s unique geography and landscape provide EU food and beverage producers with real advantages when it comes to selling their goods in the global marketplace. People around the world are becoming more sophisticated and internationalised in their food preferences and tastes. They are demanding quality, and increasingly are turning to European food products because of their high standards and reputation for excellence.

The Tastes of Europe activities aim to promote EU food and beverage products around the globe. The next series of events are scheduled to take place in Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore. November 2-9, 2016. Explore the world of European products. A wealth of flavors awaits!


Discover the story behind some of the many unique European products and find out more about the quality, tradition and diversity of Europe’s agricultural products and foodstuffs.

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The business delegation will visit Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia (November 2-9, 2016) as part of European Commission’s efforts to promote quality European food and beverage (F&B) products to Asian markets.

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Through laying down strict requirements guaranteeing the standards of all European agricultural products and foodstuffs the European Union ensures the quality of its products.

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